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N: 1. 1580s, from Spanish tabaco, in part from an Arawakan language of the Caribbean (probably Taino), said to mean “a roll of tobacco leaves” (according to Las Casas, 1552) or “a kind of pipe for smoking tobacco” (according to Oviedo, 1535). Scholars of Caribbean languages lean toward Las Casas’ explanation. The West Indian island of Tobago was said to have been named by Columbus in 1498 from Haitian tambaku “pipe”, in reference to the native custom of smoking dried tobacco leaves [Room].
2. There are four meanings:

  • Any of a genus (Nicotiana) of chiefly American plants of the nightshade family with viscid foliage and tubular flowersespeciallya tall erect annual tropical American herb ( tabacum) cultivated for its leaves.
  • The leaves of cultivated tobacco prepared for use in smoking or chewing or as snuff.
  • Manufactured products of tobacco (such as cigars or cigarettes) alsosmoking as a practice.
  • A moderate brown.

3. The dried leaves of a solanaceous plant that may be chewed, snuffed and, principally, smoked.
4. Tobacco is responsible for one third of deaths from cancer and causes 90% of lung cancers (chiefly due to cigarettes).
5. Collocations:

  • Adjective + noun. mild, strong; stale; pipe.
  • Verb + noun. chew, smoke; be addicted to; grow.
  • Noun + noun: addiction, consumption, use; smoke The air was thick with tobacco smoke; business, company, firm, industry, manufacturer, producer; lobby The ban on cigarette advertising will upset the tobacco lobby; products; market; sales; advertising, sponsorship; pouch, tin; grower, plantation.

6. Cultural Interrelation: Jean Nicot, in full Jean Nicot de Villemain, (born 1530, Nîmes, France—died 1600/1604, Paris), French diplomat and scholar who introduced tobacco to the French court in the 16th century, which gave rise to the culture of snuffing and to the plant’s eventual dissemination and popularization throughout Europe.

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CR: addiction, nicotine, nicotine addiction.