third world

GC: n

S: (last access: 4 September 2015); EncBrit – (last access: 4 September 2015).

N: 1. Former political designation originally used (1963) to describe those states not part of the first world—the capitalist, economically developed states led by the U.S. —or the second world— the communist states led by the Soviet Union. When the term was introduced, the Third World principally consisted of the developing world, the former colonies of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. With the end of the Cold War and the increased economic competitiveness of some developing countries, the term lost its analytic clarity.
2. The underdeveloped or emergent countries of the world, especially of Africa and Asia.
3. Underdeveloped countries: used by the United Nations in 1960.

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SYN: 1. Third World, underdeveloped countries (old), underdeveloped nations (old). 2. Third World.


CR: poverty