health care providers

GC: n

S: (last access: 26 April 2013); (last access: 3 September 2014).

N: 1. An individual or an organization that can provide health care to any community member.
2. Collectively, health care providers make up the health care workforce. Health care providers include medical personnel such as doctors, pharmacists or dentists, paramedical personnel such as nurses, paramedics, chiropractors, medical radiation technologists or social workers, and other health care workers who work in medical environments or provide in-house care.
3. health care provider: term in use at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).
4. health care provider: term and definition standardized by the Canadian Capability-Based Planning Terminology Committee and the Translation Bureau.

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GV: healthcare providers

S: COSNAUTAS (last access: 3 October 2015)

SYN: 1. providers of health care. 2. providers (context).

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CR: health services