edible crab

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N: 1. edible (adj): 1590s, from Late Latin edibilis “eatable,” from Latin edere “to eat,” from PIE root *ed- “to eat” (source also of Sanskrit admi “I eat;” Greek edo “I eat;” Lithuanian edu “I eat;” Hittite edmi “I eat,” adanna “food;” Old Irish ithim “I eat;” Gothic itan, Old Swedish and Old English etan, Old High German essan “to eat;” Avestan ad- “to eat;” Armenian utem “I eat;” Old Church Slavonic jasti “to eat,” Russian jest “to eat”).
crab (n): crustacean, Old English crabba, from a general Germanic root (compare Dutch krab, Old High German krebiz, German Krabbe, Old Norse krabbi “crab”), related to Low German krabben, Dutch krabelen “to scratch, claw,” from PIE root *gerbh- “to scratch, carve”.
2. A large pinkish-brown European crab with black-tipped pincers, typically found in inshore waters and caught for food.
3. brown crab: Scientific name: Cancer pagurus. Also know as: Edible Crab.
Size: Up to 11 inches (27cm) across carapace
Distribution: Found throughout the North East Atlantic.
The brown crab is a large species of crab found all around the British Isles. It is extremely commercially valuable meaning that a significant fishery has built up to catch this species.
4. edible crab: trade name recommended by the “Comité de normalisation de la terminologie des pêches commerciales” and by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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SYN: brown crab

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CR: spider crab